Creating business advantage with Android POS

As retailers implement new point of sale (POS) technology into their environment, the primary goal is clear: create unified commerce with a seamless experience that brings together online and offline channels for their customers.

This means delivering in-store touchpoints including interactive touchscreens and self-service kiosks that connect the shopper’s online and in-store experience. At WonderLane, we advocate an android first approach to achieve this.

More businesses are adopting android devices irrespective of their sizes for the sheer ease-of-use and flexibility that it offers. Hundreds of millions of devices globally run Android software where thousands of apps designed for retailers already reside in the Google PlayStore including POS apps, scan-and-go apps, loyalty, and footfall apps – centralising all the functions of retail into a single easy to use interface.

Android is the operating system invented by Google™ for touchscreen mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones. An Android POS system is a cloud-based meaning that it operates online. The Android POS is the compact version of a traditional POS and is referred to as an mPOS (mobile Point of Sale) system. It not only allows portability, but it also encourages the in-store merchants to make use of it as opposed to the cumbersome and price-heavy stand-alone POS systems.

Creating business advantage with Android POS

An Android POS makes the checkout experience faster, easier, and more convenient for your customers and your staff.

  • Boost your customer service with fast and efficient checkouts.
    Bring the checkout right to your customers – serving them in the moment – and put an end to long lines and irate customers.

  • Save money, reduce the total cost of ownership.
    The most significant advantage of the Android POS system is that it is relatively cheap compared to stand-alone POS systems. Plus, the cloud removes the need to purchase costly hardware such as storage and servers.

  • Save space.
    Since a mobile POS requires less space than traditional checkouts, retailers can multiply their checkout points without wasting any valuable real estate.

  • Keep it secure.
    With all the customer data stored in the cloud in an encrypted manner.

  • Information where you need it.
    Android POS has full integration with the POS software which means you’re directly connected to inventory, sales data, customer data, purchase history, and other relevant information.

  • Get control over your business with true accuracy.
    Android POS allows you to check your business performance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and the data can be easily sliced and diced the way you want. Cloud functionality will ensure real time information is available when and where you need it, overnight batch processing for example is now dynamic.
  • Flexibility and scalability first.
    Based on your business needs, you can add multiple devices to your Android POS including printers, barcode scanners, card terminals and monitors. And it is easily scalable as everything is hosted on the cloud.
  • Running your business has never been so flexible.
    Take your point of sale wherever you go. Android devices are highly portable and easy to carry.
  • Centrally manage multiple functions in one integrated hub.
    An Android POS System can contain several functions in a single device. From the palm of your hand, you can control and manage your customer database, inventory, orders, items sold, discounts, stock, employees, and sales operations.
  • Familiar comfortable technology for both staff and customers.
    Mobile devices are familiar to consumers and employees across the globe making navigation, engagement, and adoption fast and hassle free.

The WonderLane cloud-based POS is flexible, responsive, and connected regardless of device or location – it is one solution across your estate. WonderLane POS will run on any combination of hardware including mobile, tablet, kiosk, self-checkout and at a fixed register.

Android POS in Grocery

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