Evolving POS from transactions to connections

Just a few decades ago, a Point-of-Sale (POS) system was in its most basic form a cash register. Nowadays, things are far more sophisticated. While some retailers still use traditional stand-alone fixed tills, many have evolved to advanced cloud-based POS systems.

Retailers also have myriad of functionality that can now be incorporated in the POS system, it’s no longer just about a payment transaction but rather a hub that sits at the heart of the business. From inventory to stock levels, pricing and promotion tools and sophisticated reporting, the POS can now bring it all together. Plus, a modern POS will easily connect to hardware tools like a receipt printer, a scale on the counter or a barcode scanner – and in a combination of mobile, self-checkout and traditional tills – blending the physical and digital.

Considerations of a modern POS

Apart from the obvious business benefits of the technology, the number one driver for change is customer experience. Capturing the hearts or repeat shoppers means turning transactions into connections.

Moving beyond the payment counter

  • Time poor customers hate to wait. They want convenience and accurate information when they need it. With a Mobile POS, you can offer a quick, simple, secure, and frictionless experience to the customer.

  • Reduce queues and wait times with mobile and self-checkout options.

  • Speed up transactions by offering an array of convenient payment options. The convenience of cash alternatives amid social distancing and stringent health and safety protocols has seen contactless payments surge over the last year. From the growing popularity of instalment payment options such as Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) to the resurgence of QR codes, new ways to pay will continue to emerge as consumers demand greater choice and convenience to navigate the challenges ahead.

  • Sell more and delight customers along the way. Shoppers want what they want, when they want it—if it’s not available at your store, they will turn to your competitors to buy it. Running out of stock is a major pain point for both retailer and their customers. Having a shopper leaving a store empty handed doesn’t translate to a good customer experience. Mobile POS can provide endless aisle capability. With real time access to inventory data, staff can locate and allocate products for the customer without ever leaving their side. They can even arrange for the item to be delivered or a collection ensuring the customer is happy and the sale is made.

  • Empower your staff to provide an exceptional experience by giving them access to accurate, real-time information on inventory, product specs and reviews wherever they are in store. There is no need to keep your staff stuck behind the counter, let them serve customers and close sales anywhere on the shop floor.

Is your POS providing your businesses with greater flexibility, control, and intelligence to reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and delight customers?

Retailers who adopt mobile POS today are taking a first next step to creating a better customer experience. For those who do adopt it, they will do well with their customers, while those who don’t will seem outdated as consumers come to expect service when and where they want it, whether that’s inside or outside four walls.

The WonderLane cloud-based POS is flexible, responsive, and connected regardless of device or location – it is one solution across your estate. WonderLane POS will run on any combination of hardware including mobile, tablet, kiosk, self-checkout and at a fixed register.

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